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Make your home warmer and more eco-friendly without it costing a fortune

Underfloor heating

Typical Uninsulated House Heat Losses

Windows 10%

Drafts 15%

External Walls 35%

Ground Floor 15%

Roof 25%

Insulating your loft can save 25% of heat loss in your
home. Insulating under the floorboards on the
ground floor of your home can save 15% in heat

This is significantly more than installing double glazed windows, which save an estimated 10% (see the illustration from Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-operative

It’s astonishing how few experienced under floorboard and roof insulators there are.


Eco Works Hove offers you a professional and affordable underfloor and roof insulation installation service, using environmentally friendly materials like wood fibre, hemp or cork. I’m a fully qualified woodworker and experienced Project Manager.


I’m happy to visit your home, discuss whether underfloor and roof insulation could work for you and provide a free quote. 

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Eco insulating materials

Why use eco materials?

The simple answer is that eco materials like hemp and woodfibre are the most cost-effective materials to use for your home insulation. They are the most effective at insulating your home (higher U values), have a long life, are highly durable and are easy to work with. Both are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb and release a moderate amount of moisture without being damaged, making for a healthy home without the hazards of condensation.

Wood and hemp are renewable resources. The hemp is grown and produced in the UK, so reducing the carbon footprint compared to other materials. Wood is renewable as long as the raw material is managed sustainably, as is the case in European forestry. This is evidenced through certification: either FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) or both. Eco Works Hove only use wood fibre certified in this way.

My main suppliers are Kind Supplies – – based in Lewes. All their products conform to UK Building Regulations standards. For detailed specification including thermal values and fire safety rating see: wood fibre insulation technical specification and hemp insulation technical specification.

Recent Projects

Before and After Eco underfloor insulation

Useful links:

What does eco underfloor insulation involve?


What is the build up of layers for eco internal wall insulation?


Thinking about doing your own eco insulation? A good place to start is Back To Earth's helpful videos:



Andrea is amazing! She is passionate about eco and sustainability in homes.  She will crawl under your floor, through all kinds of crap (ours involved ancient dog wee!) and come up smiling.  She is clean and tidy, punctual and everything else you want in a worker.

The result in our home, is a toasty warm dining room, with thick insulation under the floor.  We are so pleased, and highly highly recommend Andrea.

Carole - Hove

Andrea Jones credentials
  • BA Hons Urban studies, University of Sussex – 1986.

  • MSc Information Science, The City University London – 1989.

  • Trained self-builder on housing and community self-build projects in the UK – 1990 to 1998, using Walter Segal method of timber frame construction.

  • City & Guilds in Furniture Craft - 1994.

  • Project Manager on capital projects in health and social care – 1996 to 2014.

  • PhD on what makes it possible to live in intentional communities in later life (see – 2017.

  • Accredited Community Led Housing Enabler for Brighton & Hove Community Land - 2019 (see

  • AECB CarbonLite™ Retrofit Foundation

AECB CarbonLite Graduate Logo.jpg

Recently completed CPD courses:


a) Back to Earth Online 9-part course in eco retrofitting insulation materials 2021

b) Seminar in internal wall insulation with Ecological Building Systems 2021


I have presented at the Green Architecture days in Brighton ( These are cutting-edge talks on green architecture by Brighton Permaculture Trust and the Low Carbon Trust

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